*record scratch. freeze frame*

Yep, that's me.
You might be wondering how I got here.
Yeah, me neither.

I have a MSc in Distributed Systems and Cryptography from University of Minho.

I am one of the founders of #include <braga>, a volunteering movement that makes use of the superpowers developers have to make a direct positive impact in the local community. We help charities, non-profits and individuals in need through tech. For 3 years, I was also the champion of CoderDojo Braga

I also do a lot of open source being actively working on projects such as:

At times I have made the odd contribution to:

I am also a regular speaker in conferences, meetups and other events. You can see my talks and contact me if you are looking for a speaker.

I have won 3 excellence awards for highest grades in Software Engineering, 1 for highest grades in Cryptography, 1 national award for excellence, grit, and being a role model for my peers and the 2016 Pixels Camp Quiz Show which doesn't mean a lot tbh but it's what I'm the most proud of.

I currently work at Subvisual where I build the occasional distributed system and help make payments in cryptocurrencies easy and accessible to everyone.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Instagram or shoot me an email.

I'm particularly good at small talk in the following topics:

  • last night's game
  • the weather today
  • telling people how much I dislike Java
  • how awesome cats are
  • the weather next week