Two years ago I did a screencast. Then I burned out.

September 09, 2020

About two years ago I did the first episode of a screencast called Beware of the Software.

A couple of days later, I was completely burned out with all that was happening in my life. Ever since that day, the screencast was on a pile of "things to handle later".

Two years onward, I feel confident enough to handle some of those things again. The second episode is here. It brings closure on the first, going through testing patterns to use with message passing processes.

The source code is available here.

Going forward, I have some topics in mind. Behind the scenes of Gen Servers and other OTP constructs, Distributed Systems basics (Lamport clocks, version vectors, vector clocks, CRDTs, etc), maybe some computational topics like Turing machines or even exploring CS papers. I’m taking suggestions if you’re willing to give them.

I’m asking everyone for feedback. Whether it is on my keyboard being too loud, asking specific questions about the episode or suggesting topics for episodes ahead. I created a repo for community questions and suggestions, in order to keep the main repo clean. Help and feedback is invaluable. Hit me with all you have.

I would also recommend following the screencast Twitter account for updates.

I really hope you enjoy!

Remember to keep your mental health in check, folks.


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